If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
— Red Adair


Lazarus Enterprises is a leading firm for consulting on the bleeding edge of technology.

From blockchain to machine learning to making a simple database or application, we are confident that we have the solutions needed to grow your business.

Our consultants are skilled in a wide swath of programming languages and applications, and can adapt to fit your needs.

From those with decades of experience to those with the freshest of minds, we have a wide array of consultants fresh out of MIT, Harvard, and beyond, while also having individuals with several lifetimes' worth of coding experience on our payroll.

We're located in Kendall Square, the heart of Boston's innovation hub and have consultants located all over the continental United States.



Previous Projects

Below are some of our completed projects for corporate clients.


Delay Prediction and Realtime Analysis for Transcontinental Airlines

We partnered with multiple airlines, engineering firms, and logistics companies to demo a system that could accurately and efficiently predict delays by using metadata to create vectors that pointed to likely outcomes. The data was analyzed in realtime, a server was built and programmed to handle minor workloads, cloud services were used to handle larger ones.

The project used, among other things, TensorFlow for the analysis as well as R and, Angular for the front end development, Microsoft Azure and AWS for cloud operations.

In the end, the project had a successful prediction rate of 92% using conservative predictions, improved workflows drastically, and reduced costs for the duration for the demo.

All parties involved have become repeat customers.


Automated Genetic Analysis

For a leading biotechnology company, we created the code for a system that was capable of reading, analyzing, and parsing genetic samples. By having the program run with a machine learning algorithm dictating its operations, the system was able to consistent improve its workflow, leading to more efficient operations and quicker rates of analysis.

By mimicking nuance, the program was also able to identify different wave patterns and color outputs of a spectroscope, to identify the particular objects upon which it was "looking".

This project used TensorFlow and R, with a frontend designed using Html and JavaScript. Analysis was confronted in two parts: the first, a genetic algorithm that improved performance for the second; a deep learning visual algorithm based off of an MNIST methodology.


inventory management and stock PRediction at Sea

For a government agency, we created an application that was capable of not only tracking inventory at sea, but also of predicting when stock would run low and when to order more given weather conditions, average shipping times, and readily available delay likelihoods.

We did this by factoring data from the National Weather Service, cross referencing standard delay times on the average delivery to ships at sea, and combining it with the average rate of consumption of each particular resource.

This reduced the chances of both overstock and lack of availability for each item, improving efficiency, reducing fuel costs, and ensuring that there was enough toilet paper for everyone on board. Usage included, Objective-C, Php, and Swift.


Proof of Concepts

At Lazarus, our programmers are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, many of these ideas are tested and implemented. Below are some samples of these ideas:

Lazarus Financial

Lazarus was initially founded as an investment firm that used machine learning to get an edge ahead of its competitors. After amassing a size-able fund and generating more than size-able returns, Lazarus was approached by another company to assist with their machine learning project. After a run of successful contracts, the consulting division was opened. Lazarus's investment division is still open to this day, and has clients like college students, as well as multibillion dollar investment firms. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.21.10 AM.png


Booking flights at the best price in today's world is no easy task. While multiple local websites may list different prices, the price change across borders is quite tremendous as well. This aggregator was designed to scour the web in the most efficient way possible, locate tickets at the best possible price, and relay that price back to the user in their home currency. This reduces the cost traveling both regionally and internationally. With languages ranging from Albanian to Vietnamese, it's a global app for the global traveler.



Our most recent project, Echochain is a proof of concept for blockchain technology that allows an organization to secure its data homogeneously and asynchronously. This significantly bolsters the security of said data, by removing the concept of a "single intrusion point". By not making any link in the chain the "weakest link", potential indruders and malicious actors have a much more difficult time exploiting the code and seizing valuable payment data, customer records, banking data, and corporate secrets.