How We Invest



Let's face it, the stock market can be volatile and dangerous. By splitting our portfolios amongst a wide range of industries and creating "ballast points" from within the market we insure that your investment will be secure.

Our portfolios are split into four distinct quadrants:

  • Low Risk - Low Reward
    • Investments with highly standardized returns that have little to no risk.
  • Medium Risk - Medium Reward
    • Investments with relatively established rates of return which will likely continue to operate and bring returns.
  • High Risk - High Reward
    • Investments that have a high down side but an even higher upside.
  • Ballasts
    • Investments that hedge against market failures to ensure that, in the case of a market drop, your money will be secure.


Our machines use the market's own natural tendencies to pick securities and measure returns based on said market trends. These trends are later utilized to make intelligent investments with significantly reduced risks.

Market Tracking

Our firm uses metadata generated from the market to plot trajectories of what others are investing in, what their results are, and ways which they could have optimized their trading. Mistakes in the world of trading can be costly, so, in an attempt to avoid losing our capital, we try to learn from the mistakes of others by analyzing their habits.

Smart Money

Your money should work for you, not the other way around.

By using our "smart money method", the algorithms mentioned earlier constantly move funds to the most profitable avenues, thereby incrementally increasing the value of your capital. This is value investing with data. The estimated average rate of return anually is predicted to be 26%, based on past performance.*


*Past results do not guarantee future returns.